Further conspicuous design prizes:


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Package PrizeTextile PrizePhotography PrizeWorldwide Awards Prize
Magazine PrizeConference PrizePrime PrizeGood Prize
Publishers PrizeCollege of Design PrizeDesign Collage PrizeGreatest Artists Prize
Childrens' Products PrizeTop Designers PrizeDesign Olympics PrizeDesignPrix Prize
High Quality Design PrizeTravel Accessories PrizeHuman Resources PrizeBanking Instruments Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeBathroom Furniture PrizeOffice and Bureau PrizeArt Installations Prize
Conventions PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeTableware PrizeConferences Prize
Medical Goods PrizeTradefair PrizeSummits PrizeBook Prize
White Goods PrizeWorldsBest PrizeInspirational PrizeArt Gallery Prize
Exhibit PrizeDistrict PrizeDesign Business PrizeInstitutional Prize
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